BIM (Building Information Modelling) Services are now an integral part of creating and delivering cost effective and seamless projects.

At ACOR our BIM Team are proven leaders in developing and utilising new processes, tools and services.

By employing latest technologies and innovations we offer our clients systems to streamline their projects, to facilitate stakeholder collaboration, and ultimately save valuable time and money through all project phases: from design and construction to ongoing operations and facilities management.

ACOR realise the full potential of BIM through the services we offer which include:

  • BIM Management Services
  • BIM Project Hosting Services
  • BIM / Revit Training
  • BIM / Revit Design and Drawing Documentation
  • BIM / Revit Construction and As-Built Drawing Documentation
  • Advanced Family Creation (parametrically constrained, project specific model customisation)
  • 3-D Build Visualisation
  • Building Services Co-ordination
  • Clash Detection, Analysis and Resolution Management
  • Generation of Quantity Surveys, Bill of Quantities and Cost Plans
  • Energy Analyses and Carbon Accounting and Footprinting
  • Facilities Management:
    • Programming for customised interactive Facilities Management allowing 3-D visualisation and asset interrogation in a virtual walk-through environment
    • Data attachment and stock code / part identification supporting the visual interactive Facilities Management environment
    • Generation of digital operations and maintenance manuals within the visual interactive Facilities Management environment
    • Live database for Facilities Management throughout the life of the facility