Rio Tinto Marandoo Explosives Compound WA

ACOR undertook Civil, Structural, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical and Dangerous Goods services in the design of an explosives storage compound at the Marandoo mine. This site was to form the basis of a “standard’ design for all future explosive compounds whether for a new mine or an existing facility expansion.

The work included the full layout design of the explosives compound including traffic flow and Dangerous Goods Storage separation distances compliance, design of a 1500 tonne capacity Ammonium Nitrate bulk store from concept through to final documentation, a 320 kL Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion storage facility and four Explosives Magazines.

ACOR undertook research into various construction methodologies to overcome the existing maintenance and operational issues currently experienced at the existing facilities. This included on-site meetings with operational staff and specialist equipment suppliers to devise “best practice” alternatives and limit both operational and maintenance issues currently experienced in the existing facilities.