ACOR has extensive structural design experience working for both public and private clients across Australia. Our projects range from luxury residential homes and multi-storey apartments, through to retail and commercial developments, industrial warehouses, mining infrastructure, aquatic facilities and tourism.

Our ability to work closely with clients and leading architects has resulted in us being part of numerous award winning teams, where we have developed tailored solutions which emphasise the architectural intent of the project while delivering buildings of structural integrity, sustainability and value.

Our structural expertise includes:

  • Post and pre-tensioned concrete
  • Space frames
  • Finite element analysis
  • Large span steel structures
  • Super flat floors
  • Bridges
  • Aquatic facilities
  • Due diligence reporting

Some project examples are:

  • Queenwood School for Girls NSW
  • Lilyfield Housing Redevelopment NSW
  • MH-60R Aviation Facilities Explosives Ordnance Buildings NSW
  • Linear Apartments Mascot NSW
  • Clareville Luxury Residence NSW
  • Ellton Conveyors Centennial Coal Lidsdale Siding Train Loading Conveyors – CV01 and CV02 NSW