Zoological Park Animal Enclosures


Consulting engineers, ACOR Kersulting, have been providing design engineering and consulting services for Zoos Victoria for several years working on major projects including the Predator and Lemur exhibits at Melbourne Zoo.

ACOR Kersulting were also the engineers for the preliminary work that informed the concept design and feasibility for the 25 hectares of new development at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Specifically, proposed animal enclosures.

In New South Wales, ACOR Kersulting are currently finalising design engineering and consulting services on the Pride Lands at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

Predators Stage 2, Melbourne Zoo

Construction has been completed and the Melbourne Zoo exhibit, Predators Stage 2, housing the Sumatran Tigers, Snow Leopards and other carnivores, is now open to the public.

ACOR Kersulting’s scope of work included:

  • Design of aviary tension mesh structures which form the roof and walls of the Coati and Snow Leopard enclosures;
  • Steel fencing barriers and footing structures for the Snow Leopards and Sumatran Tigers holding pens and containment barriers;
  • Structural assessment and modifications to standard steel shipping containers which form part of the enclosure viewing areas (the most challenging being the Snow Leopard #1 containers which cantilever over the enclosure);
  • Enclosure pedestrian decking, bridges and fencing which form the pathways throughout the exhibit;
  • Sumatran Tiger and Snow Leopards concrete moat structures.

Pride Lands African Lion Adventure at Taronga’s Western Plains Zoo

In continuation of the ‘Predator’ theme, ACOR Kersulting is in the final stages of construction for the new Pride Lands African Lion Adventure and Safari Tour at Taronga’s Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

The scope of work included structural design and detailing of the following items:

  • The concrete moat slab and wall containment feature at the edge of the lion’s enclosure;
  • Wetland filtration baffles (concrete and gabion walls) as part of the open water lake system;
  • Steel fencing barriers and footing structures for the ‘Working with Lions’ enclosure, Lion holding yard and safari bus entry shed;
  • Structural design of cantilevering Lion lookout shelters which comprise a complex steel plate structure with timber cladding designed to look like an African village hut.

The team also completed civil design of the safari road and stormwater drainage design and water circulation for the stream system throughout the enclosure. This included water circulation and overland flows between the lake, filtration wetlands and containment moat. During the construction phase the team provided advice to site queries and provided on-the-run design changes during completion of the enclosure.