Our Story

ACOR Consultants was founded in 1997, to create a group of engineering professionals working together with a truly unique set of personal and professional values, providing specialist Hydraulic, Civil and Structural Consulting services. Today we have grown to a national business built on these values – a value set that is integral to the success of every client and staff interaction – these values are Excellence, Passion, Caring, Integrity, Collaboration and Courage.


What sets us apart?

Our values set us apart – we aren’t just another engineering consultancy. We pride ourselves on having personal, caring, results-orientated relationships with our clients and staff and we believe this enables us to consistently add better value to clients than our competition.

Our size is also an asset, as we are large enough to be able to offer our clients a full and diversified range of engineering services in house, but we are not so large that we lose our ability to offer a personal service, to be hands-on and to be flexible and innovative in our approach.

What are we about?

Our aim is obviously to be successful – but we measure success by the quality of our relationships, the trust our clients place in us, the specialists we attract to work with us and the projects we successfully deliver. We believe if we get these fundamentals right, we will continue to be successful. We work on projects of all sizes, but always ensure we maintain that hands-on, personal touch – because, after all, that’s what it’s all about, people working together to get the most successful outcomes.

ACOR is owned by our employees, with around 15% of all employees being owners. All owners continue to be involved with projects and people at all levels to ensure that the needs of each client is met.


What we value