Congratulations to new Shareholders

Following the integration of our colleagues from Rudds Consulting Engineers, we are delighted to welcome 8 new shareholders to ACOR Consultants.  Providing invaluable support and expertise for our clients and team members, we look forward to collaborating on the creation of more iconic projects across Australia.

  • Andrew Beattie – Principal and National Discipline Leader – Building Services (VIC)
  • Lou Forner – Principal and Electrical Engineering Leader (ACT)
  • Ashley Bencke – Associate Principal, ACT Business Manager and Electrical Engineering Lead (ACT)
  • Blake Wilson – Associate Principal and Southbank Business Manager (VIC)
  • Bran Hatala – Associate Principal and Mechanical Engineering Lead (ACT)
  • Jeremy Lofts – Associate Principal and Senior Acoustics Consultant (ACT)
  • Paul McKenzie – Associate Principal and Electrical Engineering Lead (ACT)
  • Ryan Tanner – Associate Principal and Project Mechanical Engineering Lead (VIC)


Title: ACOR Consultants Welcomes 8 new shareholders
Date: May 4, 2020