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Ailna Chaparro

Alina Chaparro

Sustainability Focus Leader


Alina is our Sustainability Focus Leader and has been a part of ACOR since early 2019.

Born and raised in Columbia, Alina had an interest in biology and the food and beverage industry, when a friend suggested that she look into studying Chemical Engineering. Five years of study and a gap year in the US to learn English, Alina found herself working at a multinational manufacturing company which gave her exposure to global safety quality.

She moved to Australian in 2015 to further her English studies and broaden her opportunities, landing herself a role as a chemical engineer at a boiler company before she joined ACOR as a Project Engineer in our Energy team.

At ACOR, Alina’s work focused heavily on the Dangerous Goods sector, where she undertook a lot of risk assessment as part of her role. Wanting to make a bigger difference through her work, Alina took a keen interest in hydrogen and the ways we can sustainably deliver our Energy services. This naturally led her into the sustainability space, where she was inspired to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy at The University of Queensland.

From here, Alina began the sustainability task force which evolved from a small group of ACORians nationwide that wanted to improve the way we deliver projects, to a key strategy in the business. This shift in focus for ACOR moved Alina out of her Energy role and into the role of Sustainability Focus Leader full time, guiding ACOR’s sustainability journey.

Alina values that ACOR has given her the opportunity and resources to expand into this area and continually encourages her in the sustainability journey. ACOR has the resources and potential to make a big impact in this space and Alina is the guiding force helping us achieve it.

When she’s not creating change, Alina loves Latino dancing, reading and yoga. She also spends time with her Mini Bull Terrier – Bruno – who often joins her during Teams calls.

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