Herston Quarter is a $1.1 billion mixed-use health & innovation hub being developed by Australian Unity, in partnership with Metro North Hospital and Health Service QLD (MNHHS). Originally settled as a European farm holding in the 1850s, Herston reshaped to house Brisbane’s first General Hospital in 1865, kick-starting a rich history of health service that spans over 150 years.

The civil works package for the Heritage precinct is currently at approx. 85% design completion with the construction of early works due to commence early in 2020. To ensure seamless overlap with the wider civil engineering masterplan, ACOR is also providing advice for services relocation and civil works specific to some of the buildings. The next key milestone is to obtain the approvals for the external services (water and sewer), including coordination and sign off with the water utility provider Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU). The tight program has put the ACOR team at the heart of the project’s critical path with a constant sense of urgency to keep pace with the engineering design and accompanying documentation packages whilst resolving in-ground services and water quality issues as they arise.

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The core team comprises project managers PDS Group, project Architect Hassell, lead contractor Hutchinson Builders and key stakeholders MNHHS and Economic Development QLD (EDQ).

Title: Herston Quarter Brisbane
Date: December 19, 2019