A brand new lactoferrin facility for Bega Cheese is nearing construction completion. The new facility will be used for a variety of activities, including process and manufacturing, packing, storage, plant and control rooms. In order to meet the operating requirements for each of these spaces, several different design types are used throughout the building.

The Structural design accommodates a number of features:

  • The overall building structure consists of structural steel portal frames with precast concrete perimeter walls
  • A reinforced concrete mezzanine level to house the mechanical plant area and the mechanical control centre
  • A steel-framed internal pipe bridge, supported from the underside of the primary roof structure to distribute utilities and raw products to processing equipment
  • A trafficable ceiling consisting of insulated panels, providing maintenance access to the internal pipe bridge and utilities installed around the perimeter of the facility.

ACOR Consultants delivered Structural and Civil Engineering Design for the entire project and provided design finalisation and Construction Assistance for the Building Services.  The team also led the management and coordination of BIM, integrating documentation from other disciplines to help streamline the contractors building methodology.

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Title: Koroit manufacturing and storage facility nears completion
Date: March 26, 2020