“Digital innovation is making our industry an exciting place to work. The ability to explore through 3D models, view sites from drone scans, or simply the push to become paperless.”

My work is interesting because no project is ever the same. Even if you are working for an existing client, every job presents new challenges. I get great satisfaction from finding ways to meet these challenges, and the constant advances in digital innovation are helping with our ability to add value to our projects.

While I’m a structural engineer at heart, I also like to learn the project requirements of other disciplines. The basics of these requirements allows me to not only to ensure co-ordination is always looked after, but also enables me to highlight issues and then detail accordingly with other disciplines in mind.

Outside of work my family of 3 young boys keeps me busy, while the nerd inside of me loves a good challenging card or Board game (best enjoyed with a glass of freshly made home brew). I am always trying to improve my home brew recipes or try a different style of craft beer and ultimately trying to avoid a disastrous result!


Andrew an Associate of ACOR and a Structural Engineer with more than 10 years’ consultancy experience. He has been involved in all stages of projects from initial consultation and concept design, to detail designed for construction. He is always involved in construction stage support including inspections of construction works and resolving on site issues as they arise.

He is experienced in precast flooring methods, large span steel structures including truss analysis and design, reinforced and post tensioned concrete designs for retail, commercial and residential building designs, as well as engineering for both light and heavy industrial applications. His broad experience allows him to work in any application of design and consultation.