I joined ACOR in 2016 as an undergraduate whilst I was completing my Bachelor of Civil Engineering. I’ve worked here on and off over the past few years taking time out to complete my study and to travel. The company and my team were very flexible and supportive throughout my two final years of university, which allowed me to fully commit to my study and still gain practical experience to help shape my problem-solving skills and relate my theoretical knowledge to the real-world challenges of engineering.

ACOR has been a great place to start as a young engineer, over my time at the company I’ve had the opportunity to work on small residential projects through to large scale infrastructure projects in a variety of sectors. Along the way I have collaborated with peers through to Principals, which is a great learning and development opportunity. Working in a multidisciplinary company I know that going to work each day there will always be a different challenge waiting for me and a chance to collaborate with engineers in a range of fields, giving me great exposure and knowledge of areas outside the civil engineering world.