“I am driven by accurately identifying the risks to life and property and producing a design which manages these as best as possible.”

I find it interesting that there is a low level of awareness in the community as to the number of properties which are affected by flooding, and the implications flooding can have for a client’s design and safety. While this can make it challenging to explain to a client why their plans need adjustment, or why they can’t undertake the same style of development as a neighbour, there are some exciting developments in our field which address the inherent uncertainty in estimating design flows and modelling flood events. One such development is the latest release of ARR (ARR2016) which now includes ensembles of rainfall from storm events to estimate flow rates and flood behaviour within a catchment. This allows us to present the possible range of catchment response for a given storm duration and identify our “best guess” – which enables us to continually improve our designs and achieve a good outcome for our clients.

Outside of work, you’ll also find me on the water, kayaking with my husband on Lake Macquarie or on long walks with the dog, spending time with my cats and encouraging birds and frogs to visit my yard.

Amanda is an Associate of ACOR with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), with First Class Honours and a PhD in Civil Engineering. She has been the recipient of many awards including the Tony Herzog Award, School of Engineering, University of Newcastle, 2008 – an internal research prize only awarded to a student who has submitted a final year research project of outstanding merit.

Amanda has extensive experience and specialist skills in the preparation of flood studies, flood management reports and concept stormwater management solutions for small and large sites. She also possesses advanced skills in engineering modelling and numerical technics, including Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.