“Seeing a project built and working as intended is fantastic and something designers rarely see.”

I love the variety and the challenge presented by my work – where no two jobs have the same requirements and no two clients have the same needs. The challenge of balancing multiple client demands, and project deadlines is stressful, but fun and rewarding.

I’ve been in Civil Engineering since I left school 17 years ago and in that time I have progressed from a trainee draftsman to civil designer, before completing my degree while working full time and raising a young family. While this has been a difficult way to get to where I am today, I feel it has given me invaluable experience and understanding of the industry and the people in it.

I am always trying to better myself and this lesson I want to pass on to my children –  that with hard work and passion you can do anything you want.

My family take up a lot of my time outside of work and we always jam as much as we can into our free time. We love to travel and are always planning our next trip. To date, Africa would be my most memorable trip (they could do with some engineering assistance on their roads).

My other great interest is scuba diving. I go whenever I can (which isn’t enough). It’s an escape where everything slows down and is peaceful. It is also an adventure and an adrenalin rush jumping off the boat not knowing what I’ll find or see. The rest of the world is a distant memory when I am diving.


Greg is an Associate Principal of ACOR and a Civil Engineer with experience in a wide range of engineering projects.

He specialises in design and project management for roads and intersections, land development and WSUD including sewer and water reticulation.

He has extensive experience on residential and industrial land developments and has also undertaken large scale road and intersection designs and site supervision for Roads and Maritime Services and numerous local councils.