“Turning thoughts into things, is what gives me the most job satisfaction.”

I like finding out about new things. Working with different people and technologies to come up with ways to solve new problems; or streamlining the way we solve old problems is so satisfying.

We have a great team in Queensland and I’m proud to see what our team stands for, what we are achieving and what our hard work together is giving us the opportunity to do.

In my downtime I like to spend time with kids, keep fit, travel and surf.

Jarrod is the Structural Team Leader for the Brisbane Office. He has over 18 years’ of diverse experience on both large and small scale projects, and has held executive roles in large multinational engineering firms for over 10 years. Jarrod brings the professionalism from his larger firm experience and combines this with a unique hands-on approach to engineering, to offer our clients accessible boutique service.

His particular expertise is in leading the design and documentation of high rise residential and office buildings, large refurbishment projects and retail, educational and creative facilities. He thrives on creating innovative structural solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders, as evidenced by his structural design role in the Australian Institute of Architects National Award winning BGGS Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre for the “Most outstanding work of public architecture in Australia for its criteria in 2008”.