“Acoustic engineering solutions require us to achieve very specific noise conditions, crucial to the success of the building.  We often need to think outside the box.” 

I like to embrace the variety the profession affords us.  We work on a wide and varied range of projects and often undertake rigorous fieldwork and onsite testing to inform our design.

We maintain close collaboration with industry bodies including the Australian Acoustical Society, the Environment Protection Authority and other government agencies to contribute towards legislation, environmental noise policy and building code design guides.

In my spare time, I love to be outdoors, camping with family and exploring new places on the motorbike or mountain bike.  I could quite happily live life off-grid so long as I had somewhere warm and dry to sleep.

Specialising in building and architectural acoustics, Jerremy brings extensive expertise in the design of highly specialised, acoustically attenuated spaces. Accustomed to working in collaboration with large design teams on complex projects, Jerremy contributes sound consultancy advice to suit a wide range of buildings and stakeholders.

Typical considerations include acoustic design for buildings and plant areas containing generators, cogeneration facilities, cooling towers and chillers. He is also highly knowledgeable in road traffic noise intrusion assessments, BCA requirements, and defence requirements of security zoned areas, working as the principal acoustic consultant on many government and defence related projects where speech privacy is critical.

Jerremy has worked extensively in the ACT and NSW as well as undertaking projects in most other states and territories of Australia and some overseas projects and is well versed in NSW Industrial Noise Policy and Noise Policy for Industry and the ACT Environment Protection Regulation noise requirements.