“I get satisfaction in finding innovative ways to assist developers in the relocation and augmentation of Sydney Water assets, so they can maximise their development yield.”


The ability to be able to assist others in their development and knowledge of the industry, gives me the most job satisfaction – whether it’s maximising development yield for developers or simply helping a homeowner navigate Sydney Water requirements.

I am driven by constant progression – in myself, my work, my staff and my interests. I am particularly proud of having built up the WSC team over the past few years and I look forward to our continued growth.

Outside of work you’ll find me listening to, or creating music, snowboarding, and generally keeping fit at the gym.

Judson is an Associate Principal of ACOR and leader of our Sydney Water Services Coordination Team. A hands-on leader and a highly-experienced Sydney Water Servicing Coordination designer, he has been instrumental to the success and rapid growth of our WSC team. His expertise in sewer and water infrastructure, and land development, means he challenges his team to find innovative ways to assist developers and homeowners in the relocation and augmentation of Sydney Water assets.

His expertise includes design and documentation and project management of Sydney Water Major and Minor works for sewer, potable, & recycled water reticulation / deviation projects, and he is a Sydney Water eDeveloper user, responsible for handling S73 Applications and associated processes.