“I enjoy resolving issues that others may perceive as problems.”

I believe in taking a “first-principle thinking approach” to my work, which I also instil in my team. This means we actively question traditional assumptions and practices – the “this is the way we have always done it” approach. Instead we require a design to be looked at from a first principles approach, to ensure we achieve the best solution.

I also derive satisfaction from having happy clients and seeing our people grow in their roles.

Outside of work my interests include underwater hockey, spearfishing and mountain biking- balanced by spending time with my family.

AHSCA’s 2018 Hydraulic Consultant of the Year, Karl is an Associate Principal and ACOR’s National Hydraulics Team Leader – heading up a team of over 30 hydraulic engineers.

A highly experienced and respected hydraulic and civil engineer, he combines his technical expertise with hands-on project management skills to ensure a seamless approach to co-ordination across all design disciplines.

In his 23 years’ experience as an engineer, he has worked on a broad range of projects including infrastructure and building projects in the sectors of Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Retail, Industrial, Health, Aged Care, Education, Mining, Wineries and Breweries.