“I like philosophy embodied in the saying “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment chop wood, carry water”.

I apply this approach to my everyday situation, as I believe we can never stop learning and acquiring new skills. I enjoy applying these skills to the variety of technical challenges we face and working closely with our clients to see the beneficial impact of our involvement.  Having to be in the field – which often involves abseiling – as well as the office, also helps to keep my work interesting.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, running, surfing and growing my brain!  I am learning how a growth mindset isn’t just learning related but that it impacts personal relationships, professional success and many other dimensions of life.

Heading up Melbourne’s Remedial Team, Michael is a Senior Remedial Consultant with a MSc Geochemistry and over 28 years of international experience as a materials and corrosion specialist. He is highly skilled in the inspection and investigation of building facades and concrete structures, working with both new build and remediation projects.

Michael has acted as lead consultant for many large and small projects, and has been responsible for durability design and maintenance strategies, including concrete durability modelling.

He is an expert in the design and implementation of concrete repair as well as corrosion protection works incorporating penetrants, coating systems and cathodic protection.