“The older you get the more you realise there is still so much to learn and to be continuously growing in knowledge gives you a great deal of satisfaction.”

There is not a week that goes by that I do not find out something new and interesting about this industry that I didn’t already know. The interesting part of my work is being involved in a variety of different types of projects in all different sectors of the industry, which always presents a great challenge and learning experience.

I have a desire to create positive change in the industry and to ensure that my clients needs are always met – so I enjoy seeing a client who can walk away at the end of a project and truly say they have had a positive experience working with the ACOR Team.

Outside of work I have volunteered a portion of my time over the past few years to the Hydraulics Association(AHSCA) and currently serve as the President of the NSW Chapter. This role has given me insight into the many different areas of our industry and helped me to recognise opportunities and to try and create positive changes in the way things are done, including the way information is shared to help people learn.

Nick is an Associate Principal of ACOR, the Building Services Leader for the Newcastle office and President of the NSW Chapter of the Hydraulics Association (AHSCA). A licenced plumber with a Diploma of Hydraulic Services (Plumbing), Nick has over 19 years’ experience on both the contracting and engineering side of hydraulic and fire protection services. He specialises in Hydraulic, Fire, Mechanical, Electrical, Vertical Transportation, Electrical LV and Electrical HV Services.

He applies his specialist technical and hands-on skills to his work and has been involved in the design, documentation and construction supervision for a wide range of projects in the Residential, Commercial, Retail, Education, Health, Aged Care, Sports & Recreation, Marine and Industrial sectors.