“I love the challenge of undertaking out-of-the-box projects”

Being able to offer creative solutions to resolve inter-disciplinary technical conflict, really motivates me. It’s satisfying getting appreciation from clients when you go the extra mile.

On a daily basis I’m driven to maintaining a spirit of excellence, and in turn pass these lessons onto the younger staff members. It’s great to be able to mentor junior staff and to build a cohesive team who are focused and who enjoy their work and work environment.

Outside of work I enjoy being with my family and winding down by doing motorcycle riding (dirt and touring) and rifle shooting (target and conservation hunting).

Ray has over 30 years’ experience in civil engineering investigation, design and construction focusing on civil infrastructure and land development for roads, residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions. His career has seen him employed with regulatory authorities including Sydney Water, NSW Roads and Maritime Services and Parramatta City Council in administering infrastructure development under the respective regulatory controls.

This experience gives him a high level of technical and management expertise in: utility services coordination; road design; stormwater, hydraulic and environmental systems; flood management; project management and contract administration for a wide range of projects.