“Coming from a background in architecture, I am driven by the desire to create a harmonious union between the design aesthetic and engineering.”

 From my architectural experience I have retained a strong interest in the methodology and technology of building; from my earliest memories of building scale models and tree houses, through to consulting roles on new large-scale developments.

I have an inquisitive mind, so I find building diagnostic work really interesting, as the process of diagnostics equates to that of a forensic detective.  I particularly enjoy working on buildings of heritage significance or unique structures. Resurrecting old building stock, prolonging their service life or re-purposing structures so that they can be enjoyed by future generations, is very satisfying.

In my downtime, however, I like to live in the moment, enjoying sports, music, art, food and travel.

With a Bachelor (of Science) Architecture, Troy is valued for the broader perspective he brings to the Remedial team. Before joining ACOR, he worked for a variety of architectural practices gaining extensive experience in the design of a range of building types. In addition to a strong understanding of building construction techniques and methodologies, he provides extensive experience in relation to BCA and local authority compliance.

His experience in administrating contracts for a variety of multi-storey residential buildings and single dwellings has given Troy a real insight into the building requirements unique to coastal sites and refurbishment of old, and often dilapidated, building stock.

Troy was recently appointed Associate Principal for his contribution to ACOR.