I joined ACOR in 2001 after moving to Australia. At the time ACOR was 10 years young, smaller than present. I quickly found it to be a pleasant place to work – an open, yet flexible environment which was progressive in its outlook – exactly the sort of place where most young engineers would want to progress their career.  I am glad that, in my experience, this has not eroded with the growth of the firm.

Due to my earlier experiences, I gravitated towards civil infrastructure projects, and became a part of ACOR’s Defence project delivery team.  I continue to enjoy this role because infrastructure design interests me and Defence project delivery often involves unique challenges, complexities and specific requirements. We are continually balancing problem solving with client and contractor relationships, which is why it is particularly satisfying when the project delivery outcomes exceed the end client’s expectations.

…Some 17 years on, I remain delighted to have been part of ACOR’s growth and journey thus far and look forward to the next chapters ahead.