Mirvac and Landcom recently secured planning approval to proceed with the development of Site 15 in Sydney’s Green Square Town Centre.  The precinct, known as GS15 has been designed by Mirvac, Smart Design Studio and Co-Ap.  The 5,903sqm site will include four mixed-use residential buildings with a shared basement, containing 300+ apartments, green wall systems and new retail spaces.

ACOR Consultants has led design consultancy for the Hydraulic and Fire services, undertaking meticulous testing for each design option to enable cost surety and statutory compliance.  The site hydraulic and fire services also navigate complex strata lot arrangements which ACOR has helped to coordinate alongside lead architects Mirvac Design, Smart Design Studio and Co-Ap.   A key consideration in the design development will be to maximise water and energy efficiency in line with Mirvac’s commitment to achieving net-positive water by 2030. ​​​​​​​

Mirvac’s forthcoming Green Square buildings will be connected to its existing Ovo and Ebsworth developments.  Building A will have a curved geometric form, 23 floors, ground floor retail and 152 apartments.  Building B & C will combine 164 units across 13 floors and include green walls and ground floor retail.  The final building will be a bespoke development with seven terrace homes.

Located four kilometres south of the Sydney CBD, Green Square will house approximately 30,500 new dwellings by 2030, inhabited by 61,000 Sydneysiders.

Title: Planning Approved for Green Square Apartments, NSW
Date: January 20, 2020