ACOR were commissioned by North Sydney Council to undertake site investigations and modelling to determine a suitable remedial strategy, which would allow the historically significant site in Waverton to be restored and converted to a public recreation, museum and learning facility.

After preparing a detailed repair specification, several trial repairs of the sandstone tunnel work were commissioned to ensure building contractors would be able to achieve acceptable finishes. Following the trial and a ‘mark-out’ of over 2000 defects, the final specification included 35,000 litres of concrete repair; 2,000 square metres of surface coatings; 1,450 discrete anodes and 600 metres of crack repairs. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the site and our client-side project management experience, our commission was expanded during the construction phase to include superintendence of construction aspects.

In 2016 this project won the Australasian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA) Repair Industry Excellence Award. In the past 16 years this award has only been granted three times and this is the first time ever that a Consultant has received this special recognition. In 2018 the project won the ALIA NSW Cultural Award for Excellence.