The refurbishment of the Illawara Toyota dealership combines new sales, administration and amenity zones with a full revamp of the aged showroom facility. The extension adds an additional 160sqm of space to the existing 410sqm building structure, a new awning for drive in services and the ability to add an extra level of space above the extension if further expansion is required in future.

ACOR Consultants collaborated with Centric Architects on behalf of the owner to provide multidisciplinary engineering consulting services. In the absence of historical engineering drawings, the project team undertook site inspections and measurements to establish a full diagnostic of the building in order to determine the most cost effective design approach.

Using data collected on site the team established a 3D model of the existing building structure to test and verify the structural adequacy before the proposed steel expansion. A rafted slab foundation with screw pile system was adopted to minimise any disturbance of the development sites Potential Acid Sulphate Soil. The proposed solution eliminated the need for Acid Sulphate Soil Management Plan (ASSMP) which expedited the program significantly.

ACOR Consultants worked in close collaboration with the builder Reitsma to help supervise a series of screw piles to anchor the building foundation. The screw pile solution also had the benefit of reducing financial costs and simplifying the construction methodology due to off-the-shelf availability, speed of site installation and the high durability of the galvanized screw elements.

The federated BIM model provided greater assurance during the construction phase as the team was able to collaborate and resolve any perceived construction issues prior to manufacturing.

ACOR Consultants services included structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering and building hydraulics.