For over 20 years ACOR have been working on projects for the Department of Defence Australia-wide.

We are involved at all levels from the planning and delivery of major projects, to facilities maintenance projects on the Estate Works Program (EWP) and specialist expertise on panels such as Defence Fuel Supply Chain Technical Expertise Panel.

We understand the Defence environment and challenges of working in an aligned manner with an organisation that is large, complex and of critical strategic importance. Primarily ACOR supports Defence through the provision of Engineering and specialist services across the Defence Estate and are critical enablers for operational readiness in areas such as Fuel and Explosives facilities.

Our staff are highly experienced, trained and ready to support the critical role of the estate in enabling Defence capabilities and supporting the generation and sustainment of the Australian Defence Force. ACOR are invested in the success of the Defence Estate Strategy 2016/36 and its vision to provide “A strategically aligned, affordable, safe and sustainable estate that enables Defence capability and operations”.

Moorebank Units Relocation (MUR), Department of Defence

Estate Works Program (EWP) as part of E & IG

Redevelopment Works Program

Defence Fuel Supply Chain Technical Expertise Panel