ACOR’s licensed Protective Security Consultants take a collaborative, holistic and risk-based approach to protective security, to help protect our clients’ people, property, and information assets from crime and terrorism-based security risk.

ACOR’s Protective Security Consultants help to ensure that security is a central consideration during the planning, selecting, designing and modifying of project sites and facilities – in particular, to ‘design out’ the opportunity for, and vulnerability to crime and terrorism and ‘design in’ security risk reduction elements, through the use of Security Design Principles, and Electronic and Physical Security measures.

We aim to implement the core security design philosophies of Defence in Depth (DiD), and Deter, Detect, Delay, Respond and Recover (D³RR) into our architecturally sensitive, and innovative security solutions.

We collaborate with and advise clients within the Government and Defence, Commercial, Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture, and Energy industries.

The Protective Security Consulting services that we offer include:

  • SCEC Endorsed Security Zone Consulting
  • Electronic Security Design and Specification
  • Security Risk Management
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Physical Security Solutions
  • Security Management Consulting and Advisory