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Andrew Beattie

Executive Director

“Occasionally things like politics, planning regulations, or economics can hamper solutions for the built environment. My skill is in engaging with clients, suppliers, contractors, advocacy groups, and other consultants, taking a helicopter view of project requirements and our industry more broadly in order to help create dynamic solutions that steer innovation and reform.”

The built environment is more than just a career. It’s a forum for people to efficiently collaborate and contribute to society. We are fortunate that many Canberra developers and the city in general have shown a lot of leadership in pioneering sustainability and innovation.

We were fortunate to design some of the first 5 and 6-star Green Star buildings in Australia and then use our passion to build our own office demonstrating leading-edge technologies ensuring that a high level of building performance was fully embedded into the DNA of the design.

An example of this is the Canberra Airport where we achieved exceptional efficiencies by adopting a precinct model approach utilising a 100m plant distribution perimeter that could service a number of different building typologies collectively. In another instance, at the terminal building, we installed 2 trigeneration systems in order to provide an exceptional level of reliability and efficiency.

Leveraging over 30 years mechanical engineering experience, Andrew provides stewardship to over 140 Building Services consultants, orchestrating the continual improvement of the teams technical design and delivery capability.

With vast experience working on public works and private industry projects, Andrew is able to quickly analyse and troubleshoot design and engineering solutions, often helping clients at the front end of the design and feasibility process.

Andrew has always been a strong advocate for innovation in design, utilising emerging technologies to create cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions to unusual engineering challenges. An expert in delivering comfort and control for highly specific building conditions, Andrew has been instrumental in developing bespoke, and often pioneering, building services systems. Andrew’s key areas of expertise in mechanical systems include:

  • Active Chilled Beams
  • Hydronic radiant heating and cooling
  • Air and Water-based waste heat recovery
  • Low supply air temperature
  • High induction diffusion systems.

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