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Building Acoustics is an integral part of ACOR’s multi-service engineering consultancy. We offer Acoustics and Vibration Engineering services to cater for the specific needs of your project. ACOR’s Acoustic team specialises in noise measurements, analysis, modelling and design, to develop cost- effective and practical design solutions for your buildings and structures. What sets us apart is our technical ability to provide clear and simple design advice on technically complex issues.

ACOR have long standing, repeat clients within the industrial development space, we attribute this to our teams commitments to building and nurturing long-term relationships on the back of the successful project delivery. We maintain close collaboration with industry bodies including the Australian Acoustical Society, the Environment Protection Authority and other government agencies to contribute towards legislation, environmental noise policy and building code design guides.

Our client’s needs are at the core of everything we do – as your success is our success. We believe in strong relationships and a hands-on approach by passionate, committed people to deliver successful outcomes.

ACOR Consultants are leaders in design and documentation. Our experience comes from working with leading international architects and we deliver world’s best practice in patron experience, safety and employ the latest technologies to create sustainable strategies.


Acoustic and Vibration Services

• Building Acoustics Design
• Architectural Acoustics Design
• Room Acoustics Design
• Environmental Noise Assessment
• Aircraft Noise Assessment
• Traffic Noise Intrusion
• Mechanical Services Noise
• Acoustic Modelling
• Reverberation Control
• Speech Privacy
• Speech Intelligibility
• Construction Noise and Vibration
• Structural Dynamics and Vibration
• Test and Certification

Education Facilities

• Acoustics Design of Teaching Spaces
• Multipurpose Hall Design
• Reverberation Control
• Speech Intelligibility
• HVAC Noise Control

Leisure and Entertainment

• Cinema Design
• Recording Studio Design
• Sports and Leisure Centres
• Gymnasium and Swimming Pools
• Theatres
• Auditorium

Residential & Mixed-use Development

• Development Application
• NCC/BCA Assessment
• Sustainability Assessment
• Construction Noise and Vibration
• Noise Management Plans
• Building Services Noise Assessments

Hospital, Laboratory and Health Facilities

• Control of External Noise
• Speech Privacy
• Reverberation Control
• Building Services Noise and Vibration
• Vibration Comfort
• Vibration Design for Sensitive Equipment


• Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring
• Vibration Assessment for Structural Damage
• Human Comfort Assessments
• Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment
• Noise Management Plans
• Sound Insulation Compliance Testing

Commercial Buildings

• Office Fit outs
• Reverberation Control
• Speech Privacy
• Speech Intelligibility
• Sound Insulation
• Building Services Noise and Vibration

Defence Facilities

• Room Design for Speech Privacy
• Speech Intelligibility
• Reverberation Control
• Control of noise emission
• Aircraft Noise Intrusion
• Defence Training Facilities
• HVAC Noise and Vibration Treatments

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“We’ve been instrumental in developing bespoke, and often pioneering, building services systems since 1997, delivering comfort and control for highly specific, and often complex, building conditions.”
Andrew Beatie
National Service Leader – Building Services

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