Future Fuels

ACOR is focused on future fuels to support Australia’s energy transition. As specialists in design, risk, safety, audit, and compliance, ACOR can help to equip your organisation for the safe and compliant storage and handling of future fuels such as hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, and lithium-ion batteries.

ACOR is ensuring specialisation in this area and building on our extensive experience in dangerous goods and risk consulting that are transferable to Future Fuels. ACOR has established internal working groups comprising representatives across Australia, ensuring we stay abreast of the latest Australian standards and market transitions.  

Services we can offer include risk analysis, risk assessments, HAZOP/HAZID, compliance audits, Dangerous Goods licensing, Major Hazard Facility safety case preparation, Hazardous Area Classification, emergency response, fire safety studies, and training.

ACOR has completed various future fuel projects, including detailed studies and modelling to understand the risk of a battery fault scenario and hydrogen facility fire or explosion event that can lead to life-threatening consequences. We have conducted Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) for hydrogen storage and use, as well as Dangerous Goods compliance and licensing for future fuels and renewable energy facilities.




• Support in business case preparation and feasibility studies
• Assistance with planning approvals
• Preliminary hazard analysis
• Risk assessment – HAZID and HAZOP workshops
• Fire Safety Studies, including consequence modelling of a potential fire or explosion event and evaluation of radiation and dispersion
• Advice on site layout development based on process safety constraints
• Classify Hazardous Areas (HAC) and design electrical installations accordingly
• Develop Major Hazardous Facility (MHF) notification and safety reports
• Dangerous Goods compliance and licensing requirements
• Design advice as per relevant Australian and International standards

Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

• Consequence modelling of a potential fire or explosion event
• Risk Assessment and risk advice for location planning
• Fire detection, suppression, and protection measures
• Emergency management plans
• Dangerous Goods compliance and licensing requirements, as applicable.

Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Our extensive services for petrochemical and aviation fuels are applicable to these renewable drop-in fuels. We have specialisation in fuel quality and aviation fuel systems, and our personnel have experience with biofuels, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel. ACOR can provide advice on fuel transitions, quality, testing, storage, and handling.

ACOR is a member of Bioenergy Australia.

Renewable Energy

• Dangerous Goods compliance and licensing requirements
• Risk assessment

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