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Our highly skilled technical design and documentation specialists utilise 3D software,

applying the latest technologies to deliver engineering solutions that are sustainable, future-proof and cost effective for our clients.

ACOR was an early adopter of 3D technology which is why 3D building modelling is fully embedded into our day-to-day processes. Our BIM and detailing team have a wide range of project experience in areas including Materials Handling, Building, Industrial, Commercial, Petrochemical, Dangerous Goods, Directional Drilling, Hydraulic Services and Aquatics.

BIM is an integral part of creating and delivering cost effective and seamless projects. We provide all levels of modelling accuracy, from concept to tender and construction. By employing the latest technologies and innovations, we offer our clients systems to streamline their projects, to facilitate stakeholder collaboration, and ultimately, to save valuable time and money through all project phases, from design and construction to ongoing operations and facilities management.


Outputs range from concept schematics to detailed mechanical tolerancing. All outputs reflect and augment our design allowing us to offer our clients:

  • Complete and intimate design with an emphasis on detail
  • Reduced double handling and fabricator risk
  • Efficiency of time and cost


We can provide the following output formats where desired:

  • 3D model for fabricator use
  • Structural marking plans
  • Arrangement detail drawings
  • Detail drawings including fitment sheets
  • .nc files for input into automated fabrication equipment
  • STEP and parasolid files for input to FEA software

Other modelling services include:

  • File compatibility management for transfer and sharing of information
  • Modeling of existing structures for asset management and expansion

 All modelling packages give access to free model viewing software for presentation purposes and to allow clients to review the models at any stage of the project.

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“In an era of rapid technological change, we continue to challenge ourselves to develop new ways to bring innovation and value to our projects and clients”.
Michael James
Digital Innovation Manager

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