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Flood Engineering

ACOR delivers expert advice, design and assistance in the management of development approvals specific to stormwater and flood mitigation.

It is our knowledge of the unique requirements of each council that sets us apart. We have a thorough understanding of current regulations and knowledge of the acts and standards being applied through local government, so can guide our clients through the process of compliance and provide precise engineering design.

We have established a consistent track record in achieving compliance with Council requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner. We also act as expert witnesses in the Land and Environment Court, supporting complex applications for commercial and residential developments.


ACOR Consultants have capability in flood engineering covering the following areas for private, commercial, industry, government and mining clients:

  • Large catchment hydrological modelling and flood frequency analysis
  • Hydraulic (flood) modelling using 2D hydrodynamic simulation software including rain- on-grid techniques for detailed (fine scale) areas and large areas
  • Hydraulic modelling of overland flow paths, rivers and channels including analysis of bridges, culverts, structures and embankments
  • Design of major transverse drainage infrastructure including culverts and bridges
  • Flood immunity and time of inundation calculations
  • Flood impact mitigation modelling for options analysis
  • Dam failure (breach hydrograph generation) analysis and failure mechanism analysis
  • Flood impact assessments showing change in flood characteristics between different scenarios
  • Flood risk assessments to describe risks to safety and infrastructure
  • Flood emergency management plans to describe the procedures required in the event of a pending flood
  • Drawing, report and flood map documentation
  • Geospatial software application for creation of digital elevation models and modification of terrain including proposed structures
  • Software including TUFLOW, HY-8, RORB, RAFTS, QGIS, and other software.
  • Peer review and certification services (e.g. RPEQ)

 Our capability extends to urban and rural road drainage, water sensitive urban design, water quality treatment, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment controls.

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“We are continually balancing problem solving with client and contractor relationships, which is why it is particularly satisfying when the project delivery outcomes exceed the end client’s expectations.”
Zaheer Mamujee
Civil Engineer

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