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ACOR’s Game-Changing Innovation for Defence

ACOR has developed a software add-in to simplify Estate Data Requirements, the GEMS data tool, in partnership with Augility/JLL for Autodesk Revit. The tool will address inconsistencies in data.

The tool is a game-changing innovation for the Defence industry and positioned us as finalist for this year’s Defence Innovator of the Year – Company award in the Australian Defence Industry Awards.

The GEMS tool is designed to streamline processes, align Defence practices with contemporary digital design standards, reduce data creation time, and minimise the personnel required for data validation. It is available to industry stakeholders, instigating a transformation in the quality of captured asset data and revolutionising data management practices.

Designers and contractors can smoothly incorporate standard Defence tool, Garrison and Estate Management System (GEMS) asset data, into the dynamic 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. The tool allows for easy population of data directly from estate documents, while automated aggregation complies with defined rules, and robust checks validate data accuracy. The refined asset data can be directly exported to the GDL for final review and submission by the user

By incorporating defence asset data into the BIM environment, we lay a robust foundation for the future development of digital twins and advanced asset management tools. The tool significantly lowers the barriers to entry, allowing contractors to effortlessly understand and generate precise asset data. It also drives standardisation, bringing cohesion to the industry’s interpretation of estate data requirements.