ACOR are one of Australia’s leading Energy Consultants specialising in design, risk, safety and compliance. We have a proven track record when it comes to providing Design and Consultancy Services, with over 20 years’ practical experience delivering end-to-end services across the sector.

We understand the specific demands and environments within the Energy space and apply a broad spectrum of engineering and consulting disciplines to provide tailored solutions to meet our client requirements.

Working across industries such as Defence, Aviation, Mining, and Energy Supply – ACOR helps to better equip organisations for the safe and compliant storage and handling of current and future energy resources such as Hydrogen, Lithium and Solar.  We work with our clients to find the best ways to meet the needs of their business and have developed on-going, supporting relationships with companies such as PUMA Energy, BHP Billiton, Lendlease and Defence. We also support multiple logistics, supply and distribution operators and manufacturers to understand and manage their business risks.

Optus Stadium Perth, WA

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