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Sean Page

Clients Executive

“I find it exciting to be part of an industry which spans all sectors and is continually facing new challenges. This requires you to be adaptive and forward thinking in your approach”.

In the Petrochemical industry we get to work across all industries and sectors – I enjoy assisting businesses to meet their objectives by applying design and risk processes, which often directly improve their bottom line.

The management of fuels and chemicals are often non-core to large businesses, even though they directly affect their core operations. We take a “whole of supply chain management” approach, partnering with our clients to achieve excellent outcomes in safety, compliance and operational risk minimisation.

Outside of work you’ll find me at the beach, playing soccer or watching my children’s sport. I also love cooking, entertaining and travel.

As a Principal and Clients Executive, Sean has been instrumental in the growth of ACOR through the implementation of a national client strategy.

A Senior Mechanical Engineer and an experienced Dangerous Goods Consultant, he has over 18 years’ experience in all areas of petrochemical and dangerous goods management, planning, construction, design, safety and risk management.

Working across sectors such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Aviation and Defence, Sean’s industry experience ensures that his technical skill and qualifications are backed up by a wealth of project-based experience.

He is a leader of ACOR’s Defence group, providing critical services to enable operational readiness in areas such as Project Management, Contract Administration, Facility Upgrades, Defence Fuel Services, supply chain and explosives handling.

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