ACOR Consultants is delighted to be appointed onto the team to develop the design for Scott Base research station, Antarctica. Established in 1957 the facility is nearing the end of its functional life and requires a ‘modern, low-impact, efficient base‘ to manage risk, maintain standards and support the requirements of New Zealand’s world-class scientists.

The design will see the existing base with 12 separate buildings replaced by three large interconnected buildings and a separate helicopter hanger. One will be for accommodation and living (sleeping up to 100 people at a time), the second for science and management and the third for engineering and storage. As part of the 2019 budget, the NZ Government committed $18.5 million to proceed with the next phase of the project, with the total anticipated budget in the order of $200m-290m.

The project team recently completed a project initiation in Christchurch. Spanning 3 days the design team undertook team building activities and attended cultural engagement events and project workshops.  ACOR Consultants will work with Steensen Varming, Jasmax & Hugh Broughton Architects to design the buildings Hydraulic, fire and fuel services and coordinate their integration with the proposed new building structures. Having assisted Steensen Varming with the development of the concept design, the team has learned about the operational cycles of the site along with the need to design for a limited construction season.  Taking into account excavation methods, the suitability of materials and logistics will be key considerations for the next phase of the design.

The team will design in REVIT (LOD 400) and prepare project technical specifications for hydraulic and fire services as well as consultancy advice on the safe storage and handling of dangerous goods.  Other specialist requirements include the production of potable water from seawater at -2deg Celsius, that sits below a sheet of ice 2m thick, self-sufficient fire protection and fighting and world best practice wastewater treatment plant to minimize human impact on this delicate environment.

Title: Funding approved for Scott Base research station
Date: February 7, 2020