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Ashley Bencke

Associate Principal, ACT Business Manager & Electrical Engineering Lead

“I love the nuances of lighting design and how it can make you feel, whilst drawing attention to or away from a particular space. Lighting has a dual impact as it has such a dramatic effect on aesthetics and textures as well as orientation and wayfinding.”

I’m still actively involved in projects to provide input on lighting design and electrical engineering.  Whether designing street lighting or a building interior, we often simulate areas to test options and find the right combinations of fittings and effects.

I spent several years teaching interior lighting modules at the local TAFE which I found very rewarding. Teaching was a great way to learn how to articulate lighting science to an audience whilst sharing ideas and improving my baseline knowledge.

As Business Manager for ACT Ashley manages the day to day operations for the Canberra Office and is a key member of the ACOR Leadership Group. Ashley is also an electrical building services engineer with over 15 years of experience in electrical consulting, communications, audiovisual and vertical transportation design.

Having joined the team as a graduate he is one of the longest-serving members of the Canberra office. Ashley is also an active committee member of the ACT / NSW chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society. His specialist expertise includes internal and external lighting, power supply requirements, power reticulation, cabling, environmental design, infrastructure design and specification writing.

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