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Michael Goodwin

Managing Director

“Building a capable, successful and healthy national business, with a truly unique culture, is what drives me day-to-day. A caring approach and a dedication to delivering great projects are the values I admire – values which I promote, and our team implements on a daily basis.”

I believe ACOR’s success is attributed to the fact that we care. We care about putting the client’s needs first, about developing strong productive relationships and we care about each other – which attracts and nurtures the best staff.

I’m proud to be running a business which is nimble, flexible and creative in our solutions, but large enough to tackle the projects that need experience.

Michael is a founding Principal of ACOR Consultants, Managing Director and member of the Board. He has a Master’s in Engineering Science, and has worked in the industry for over 25 years as a civil engineer in the delivery of multi-service projects.

His skills are recognised in successfully bringing people and teams together to build a stronger, happier and aligned business. Under Michael’s leadership, ACOR has grown to include offices in all major cities in Australia, working throughout a number of key sectors, offering all engineering services, with over 250 staff.

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