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Angus Mitchel

Angus Mitchell


“My approach is centred on being a catalyst for positive change through a balanced approach to strategic, commercial and relationship imperatives.”

I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing growth in individuals and organisations, which comes from improved effectiveness. In my career I had the privilege of working with some great people and teams from across the world, on some brilliant projects. Now, however, I feel it’s time to give back to the industry by fostering and developing future leaders, so that my impact lasts beyond my direct involvement. In my downtime I can be found enjoying my family, wine, travel and golf.

Angus is a strategic advisor, coach and change consultant and Chairperson of the ACOR Board. With international experience in leading large professional services organisations and complex, multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects, he understands success relies on organisations, project teams and stakeholders working effectively together.

He specialises in areas of leadership development, organisational improvement and governance, to help clients increase their competitive advantage through enhanced strategies, process and culture. In this regard he has been working with ACOR to help us to better understand and optimise the challenges we face, how to enhance our performance as well as build our capability for the future.

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