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Jason Sellin

Senior Project Manager

Jason is a Senior Project Manager and began his journey with ACOR in early 2020 in our Brisbane team.

After graduating from The University of Queensland in 2008 with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Civil Engineering (1st Class Honours), Jason worked as a Structural Engineer at his first role. He spent 11 years here before he searched for other opportunities, feeling as though something was missing in his current career.

Jason interviewed for a position at ACOR and found that our Diversity and Values aligned with his own, prompting him to make the move. Originally focusing on Structural engineering, Jason gradually shifted into project management after the Perth ACOR team reached out for help on a Defence project. From here he naturally moved into the design management team, which allowed him to pursue his interest in leadership and client engagement.

Working at ACOR has provided Jason opportunities to learn and grow in ways that were not available in his previous role. He now collaborates with a small team to drive significant change within the business. His background in structural and civil engineering provides the foundation to his current role and enable him to act as a mentor to other engineers.

Jason respects that ACOR’s values are top down and actively encouraged in all areas of the business. He feels supported at ACOR, especially during the pandemic and with the birth of his newborn. ACOR’s flexible work arrangements have enabled him to structure his work around his life so that he doesn’t have to compromise on important life events.

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