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Michael James

Digital Innovation Manager

Michael James is our Digital Innovation Manager and became a shareholder of ACOR in 2020.

Michael didn’t always work in the digital space and began his career in sheet metal fabrication. A very hands-on and physical job, Michael realised he needed a change. In his early thirties, he made the decision to pursue his interest in technology.

Michael joined ACOR in 2014 as a draftsperson and came in with a different attitude to others, always seeking to learn and question why things are done a certain way. He spent several years in drafting before he shifted into BIM management for structural engineering.

With a strong focus on the digital future of our industry, Michael has brought significant change to how ACOR designs, documents, and coordinates projects. He naturally progressed in the BIM space to solidify it as an important sector of ACOR and co-found the ACOR Digital Innovation Group (DIG). He is now an associate and shareholder of the company and leads the national initiative as ACOR’s Digital Innovation Manager. In line with ACOR’s progressive nature, his passion for innovation and research ensures ACOR is an early adopter for technologies that provide significant value to our clients and their projects.
Michael brings practical industry experience to the ongoing development of ACOR’s capabilities and is most proud of the conversations he has created at ACOR surrounding technology and its impact on the future of the business.

In his time away from the office, Michael lives with his partner and two Jack Russel’s, and enjoys the simpler things. He loves reading and has an interest in history. When he can find the time, he likes to work with his hands spending time Blacksmithing in his workshop, working on home renovation projects, or just enjoying time with family and friends.

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