“I find the variety of different remedial issues we encounter really interesting, as they are rarely exactly the same.”

My personal drivers are enjoying what I do, getting to a conclusion and winning new work!

It’s really satisfying using my experience to diagnose the issues and being able to explain the solutions clearly to my clients.

In my role I look forward to leading the growth of ACOR whilst maintaining its culture and personal approach – which is what makes it unique.

Outside of work you will find me travelling, getting outdoors with the kids, relaxing indoors, and indulging in lots of food and music.

Peter is a Principal of ACOR and a Senior Remedial and Diagnostics Engineer with over 20 years’ specialist experience in the diagnosis and repair of building structures, facades and waterproofing. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for The Australasian Concrete Repair Association for the past 15 years, and President twice. In his time, he has helped the association grow and prosper both technically and financially and has helped to develop their marketing and brand strategies.

In his work Peter has been involved in a diverse range of projects, both small and large, and has acted as the lead consultant for a significant number of façade repair and refurbishment projects, including contemporary façade repair and heritage projects, around Australia. His understanding of different materials, their deterioration and repair has been developed by playing a lead role in the investigation, specification and tendering of significant projects and subsequently overseeing the repair processes.